The Story of R.O.B. the Robot | Gaming Historian

New viewer? Subscribe! ▻ In 1984, Nintendo made plans to bring their Famicom console to North America. There was just one big problem: Stores wanted nothing to do with...

Pennsylvania election shakes up 2018 races

As Conor Lamb is poised to deliver an upset in a district President Trump won by 20 percentage points, CNN is making changes to its rating of 17 House races - all of...


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Nucleus Vision NCash update Ripple XRP news. CKJ Crypto News

Nucleus Vision NCash update Ripple XRP news. CKJ Crypto News Nucleus vision will be huge in 2018! CKJ Crypto News.

Synthetik Gameplay Impressions – Robot Battling Tactical Roguelike!

Synthetik Gameplay impressions with Splat! Let's Play Synthetik and check out a tactical roguelike where robots battle for dominance using wide varieties of weapons and gear! Download Synthetik...

Family reunited with dog flown to Japan

United Airlines accidentally shipped a Kansas-bound pet dog to Japan. After two days and 11,000 miles, the Swindle family was finally reunited with their beloved German shepherd, Irgo.

Clapper: Russia is definitely a foe to US

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says Russia is definitely a foe to the US, differing from White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders' response to a similar question.

Stormy Daniels’ attorney claims she was physically threatened

The lawyer representing Stormy Daniels, the porn star suing President Donald Trump, claimed Friday that she has faced physical threats.

Puerto Ricans are still dying six months after hurricane

It's been nearly six months since Hurricane Maria. Its howling winds, which topped 150 mph, long have dissipated. The storm that battered Puerto Rico on September 20 before hooking northward into the Atlantic is...

Officer finds family in car, changes their life

Deputy Police Chief Jeff Glazier met Ebony Rhodes, a homeless single mother of four, while she and her family were living out of a small car. He then helped them find a home....