Foil Skis as a work of art – $50,000 – How Much?


Foil Skis was originally founded by Alessandro Marchi in Northeast Italy between Trieste and the Austrian Alps. After many years of developmental work, Alessandro joined with several partners to form Foil International. The company designs and manufacturers all its skis and ski-related accessories in Italy and has sales & marketing offices located in Austria and the United States. Foil was founded with the singular objective of creating beauty, performance and joy – embodied in a snow ski. Foil extends this same passion to every one of its products.


The Oro-Nero is a stunning display of the possibilities of uncompromising dedication to luxury and “High Performance Art.” Made with 8000-year-old certified Bog Oak combined with 14 karat gold plated bindings, poles and inlays. The Oro-Nero is the ultimate representation of Foil’s belief in “No Limits”

Primary Ingredients Include:
– 8000 year old Bog Oak topsheet
– Graphite race nano tech base
– Quadriaxial carbon stripes
– Ash/Paulownia woodcore
– Bamboo sidewalls
– Stainless steel edges
– Rubber dampening inserts
– Titanal plates
– Proprietary resins

Measurements and Lengths:
Customized for each client

*Limited Production Edition.

The word “Foil” describes the effortless, elegant movement of an object across any surface…

And this is why Foil exists, to provide tools of maximum joy for the effortless movement through nature’s most majestic creation…snow.

Foil skis are the product of decades searching for the perfect blend of materials, which, when sculpted by the master’s hands, would yield an elegance and performance never before experienced.

Foil is perfection in movement, in grace, in elegance and strength.

Foil exists for the uncompromising souls who insist on knowing “perfection under foot”.

Foil, the birth of what skiing was meant to be…

Welcome to the world of luxury!

How Much?
How much many?
How many money?
Price, luxury, millionaire, billionaire.

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