Bugatti Chiron 2016 – $2,400,000 – How Much?


If you thought the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport was fast, it’s time to think again. The jaw-droppingly powerful, mind-bendingly fast and eye-wateringly expensive new Bugatti Chiron has just reset the performance yardstick for hypercars at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Bugatti’s eagerly-anticipated successor to the Veyron boasts an astonishing set of power and acceleration figures, and will go on sale in the Autumn with an equally staggering £1.9million price tag.

Perhaps that’s a fair price for a new model that Bugatti modestly describes as the “world’s most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive production super sports car”, but it doesn’t really matter. Customers excited by the Chiron and its redeveloped 8.0-litre, quad-turbo W16 engine – which produces 1,479bhp and 1,600Nm of torque from as little as 2,000rpm – are queuing up with deposits already.

Clearly this is a game of very senior numbers, so here’s some more. It will accelerate from 0-62mph in less than 2.5 seconds, 0-124mph in less than 6.5 and 0-186mph in under 13.6. Take a moment to let that last one sink in. That’s 2.9 seconds faster than a P1 and a second quicker than the Veyron Super Sport, bearing in mind that at 186mph a second equals a lot of fresh air – 83m of it to be precise.

Welcome to the world of luxury!

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