7 Crazy Life Hacks Gadgets You Need To See [CRAZY HD]


In this video ,you will see 7 simple life hacks gadgets that everybody should Have
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7.Power Laces Shoes:http://www.powerlace.com/en/
6.Boulon Blanc :http://www.boulonblanc.com/
5.Tiny Tower:http://tinytowerlaptopstand.com/
4.Bixi : http://www.bixi.io
2.The Negg:http://www.peelanegg.com/
1.Whisk Wiper:http://whiskwiper.com/


7.PowerLace Shoes: these self-lacing shoes allow you to adjust your shoes automatically,it has a simple mechanic that uses no gears,battery,or spring,it’s a life hack gadgets every lazy person should know.
6.Boulon Blanc : this table can transform from dinner table to coffee table in second.
5.Tiny Tower:
4.Bixi: Control Any Smart Device by Simply Waving Your Hand!
A Fluid Smart-Home and Apps controller, Bixi senses your in-air gestures and commands the smart devices for a touch-free use!
3.Polygons: this gadget has 4 in 1 measuring spoon a swiss army knife for your kitchen.
2.The Negg: an incredible life hack gadget for the kitchen that allows you to peel and an egg in second
1.Whisk Wiper: this simple yet incredible life hack gadget will clean any dirty whisk in second,now you can focus your baking experience instead of all the mess.

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